The Baby Boomer Backup Plan

The Baby Boomer Backup Plan

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Just your being here tells me you are in tune with the peril we face. What seemed to many economists trouble that was 2-5 years away, now appears to be right at our doorstep!
You no longer have years to prepare – you likely only have a few months!
I am not going to give you the same admonitions you are by now very familiar with –
Stock up with stored food, physical precious metals, firearms, etc. Hopefully, you have, or are in the process of doing that.
And I’m not going to offer up advice on stocks that will skyrocket in a collapse.
With 25% of the U.S. on food assistance, and approximately 75% of people living pay check to pay check, the collapsing dollar, and the death of the middle class
Many baby boomers are faced with elderly parents that require some assistance
and about 35% of them now having adult children living at home because they can’t find work or are underemployed.
Under these circumstances, it doesn’t take long to blow through whatever you have set aside for a retirement.
In fact, “retirement” might soon become a mythical concept…
something future generations may consider a brief anomaly in the course of human existence.
The pace that we are moving toward the economic cliff has accelerated, it has accelerated a lot!
Economists and political and intelligence experts are even stunned at how quickly things have moved in just the last few months.
The manipulation of financial markets, the fabrication of economic figures, and the mobilization of government on all levels are clear signs that something is amiss.
Look at the intentional collapse currenty happening at our southern border, or China and Russia’s recent deal to bypass the U.S. dollar.
Life is getting ready to change for everyone significantly.
As many have warned, it was never a question of “if” but WHEN – and now most agree major changes are in our VERY NEAR FUTURE!
baby boomers are obviously not the only people facing hardship –
They are however, the group that are likely facing the most rapid evaporation of their personal assets built up over a lifetime of work.
What most people need is cash flow, and lots of it!
Wealthy people know that best and most sure investment they ever made was in a business of their own!
Owning your own business historically will hands down outperform virtually anything else you can do.
If you are in the right business.
In a world filled with economic and political chaos, you need to have a marketable skill.
Preferably one that is international, portable, and mobile. If the time comes to “get out of dodge” your business can easily go with you.
Sure, community based skills are important, like welding, farming, or car repair etc.
But just as it was during the great depression, great wealth can, and will be obtained by those that position themselves properly.
My name is Larry Crisp, for 20 years I’ve worked from home and have been blessed with great success.
And as a grandparent, and baby boomer myself, I know how worried you might be about not just your future, but the future of your children and our nation.
What I am talking about isn’t some commodity based MLM that takes years to develop, or an expensive 6-7 figure franchise.
But I will tell you I have a young 25 year old friend that has made over $500,000 in his 1st 6 months!
This is a very serious business that will require developing some skills. Skills that by themselves not only can set you free, they will benefit any other business you are pursuing.
Skills that can be acquired by anybody that is willing and can devote a couple of hours a day to.
You will not have to sell, do presentations, travel, or even get on the phone if you don’t want to.
The training and support you receive is world class! And is fully guaranteed or we will pay you $500!
If you are interested, please provide your email here. And if you would like to have a one on one discussion, feel free to schedule a phone appointment on the next page.
If you don’t have a backup plan, I hope you will investigate starting one right away. Whether a plan that I can show you, or another one you prefer – the most important thing is – don’t waste another moment!
Your backup plan may soon be your plan A – hopefully by choice and not out of necessity!

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