Learn Anything… 2 to 5 Times Faster

Learn Anything…  2 to 5 Times Faster

What if you could cut your reading time in half RIGHT NOW? No exercises or skills to master – just download a this free 7 day trial of myspeed here.


As an entrepreneur, student, business owner, heck, just about anyone really, have many things that they need, or would like to learn. The problem is that there are only so many hours in the day, and that time is one of your most valuable assets. Well, what if we were to tell you that here at prepare to thrive, we were able to a way to go through 30 hours of study in a 10-hour day work day. For joining our list, we would like to give this free report, so that you can do the exact same thing.

There are typically 4 formats we learn from.

  • Video
  • Text
  • Audio
  • In person.

I wish I could make people speak faster in person, but that one is out of the question but for information in any of the other 3 forms we have tools to help us learn extremely fast

It is important to understand, that your brains ability to compute information is nothing short of amazing.

It just takes a little training and a little acclimating for a few minutes, before your brain can adjust to learning very fast.
We recommend that you Slowly increment your learning rate over time. You will have great comprehension, the process will be enjoyable, and you will begin learning things at an extraordinary rate. Just remember that your brain is like the muscles of your body. It will become stronger, the more you train it.

Lets start with video learning:

These tools allow us to play videos at faster rates.

The product is called Myspeed. You can pick it up at universelovesspeed.com.

By simply sliding the slide tool, you can increase the speed the video is played at. I believe it uses some algorithms to bypass the normal chipmunk sound of videos and audio that are sped up.

Here we can see that the video will play at 1.8x.

my speed image

For fast talking Narrators I generally can speed up the video at least 1.8 times. For Slow talkers, 3 times. I did not get there overnight, but I now enjoy an advantage over billions of other people by learning from online videos at a rate on average 2.5 times faster than them.

At the time of recording this video Myspeed cost a $30 one time fee. This is such a phenomenal tool, that will help you to get through online training videos, recorded webinars, and other course material in no time. Just keep in mind that you will want to allow the videos to buffer sufficiently before playing them.
You have 2 options.

1. Start the video. Pause it. Do something else like watch another video and let it buffer, and then come back and watch it at warp speed. Or option 2 (what I do) I have downloaded and installed a product called Speedbit Video Accelerator from www.videoaccelerator.com

This product downloads the youtube video from several different sources, amalgamates the video and delivers it to you, much faster than youtube delivers it to you. It does all this in real time.

Thus allowing you to watch youtube videos at 3x speed and not experience buffering. Your internet speed needs to be sufficient of course. This product is a bit “glitchy” with my Mac unfortunately.
But the times it does work I love it to death.

At the time of recording this video, the accelerator costs $25/year.

In my case the combination of the above two products produces millions of dollars worth of learning every year. I cannot recommend this potent combination highly enough.
Offline video

Sometimes you will download videos and have them on your computer as opposed to streaming them over the net. For these instances I use VLC player. It is just like Myspeed except it works on media files on your local drive and not streaming videos.


VLC player is completely free as well.

Now for Audio

The good news is, is that both Myspeed and VLC generally work with audio files as well.

There is another great tool available on smartphones for audio books that you should be aware of. When you’re listening to an audio file on your phone, you may have seen a 1x next to the playback buttons. if you select this, you’ll often see that you can adjust the playback speed to be much faster.

This is a great way to double your learning speed, but in fact I think it increases your learning speed by infinity. With such a learning tool at your disposal, it my instance anyway, it made me listen to books much more often, when I might otherwise have just listened to music. Excited by the opportunity to speed learn, I now listen to books and podcasts at double the speed. I can listen to any material at double the speed, any time I want.
Imagine if you listened to just one extra book each month for the next 10 years as a result of this tool that your smartphone includes for free. How would your life be different?

The problem with this is that Apple only provided this feature for audio books and not for mp3’s. If you have speeches or lectures in mp3 format then there is no way to listen to it at faster speed.
Well that was true until an app was made to do exactly that. It’s called iTalkFast. This app allows you to choose how fast you want it to play all files on your phone including mp3’s. Best part. It costs just $0.99.

The google play store also has similar apps for android phones. Check out audio speed changer for example.

Reading Text

When reading blog posts, articles or essays online there is a tool we use to speed up our reading rate considerably while maintaining comprehension and it’s free.


Simply copy and paste what you want to read into the reader and select your reading rate.

There are several very scientific reasons with big fancy names as to why this works so well, like Subvocalization Elimination – Not “saying the words in your head” as you read them and Regression

Elimination – No need to go back over what you just read.

But really who cares. You have more important things to learn. Just know the speed reader works.

2 things to remember.

1. Try to increase the rate every now and again. The more you challenge your brain the stronger it will get.

2. One of the biggest problems that people have when they read, is that they listen to a voice in their head, reading the text. If you do this, you’ll have a hard time getting past 300 words per minute. Try to look at the text and create a movie in your mind of what it says. Your brain has the ability to read and comprehend thousands of words a minute.

That’s what we’ve got for you right now. These tools will get you slamming through a bunch of material very quickly. These are invaluable tools for our modern age. Information is shared so rapidly, that we need methods to absorb it all quicker. Hope this helps.

What if you could cut your reading time in half RIGHT NOW? No exercises or skills to master – just download a this free 7 day trial of myspeed here.

Once you have it downloaded, come back here and watch this video of the classic “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles. It ordinarily would take you over 2 hours, but with this program you will fly through it in half the time or less – while your attention and retention go through the roof!




Also, now that you have taken yourself to a new super human level of learning, check out how Tim Ferris (The Four Hour Work Week) teaches his students to read 300% faster! http://fourhourworkweek.com/2013/05/20/accelerated-learning-techniques/



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